Our Company

BMT Surveys is one of the world's leading independent marine surveying companies, providing a wide portfolio of services in cargo, nautical and technical matters.

BMT Surveys

BMT Surveys is a large multi-disciplinary survey organisation, with offices in Rotterdam, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Geneva, London, Harlingen and Delfzijl, serving a broad range of customers in marine underwriting, shipping lines and liability insurers. The surveying and consulting staff is made up of dedicated professionals, renowned for their expertise, commitment, attention to detail and ability to respond to casualties 24 hours a day, 7 days a week worldwide.

Global Network

We work together with many surveyors in offices around the world. These surveyors have been carefully selected on the basis of their quality standards, their service provided to us in the past or those who have worked with us during our overseas surveys. Through this network we are able to offer cost and time savings to our customers.


BMT Surveys is part of BMT Group, a leading international design, engineering, science and risk management consultancy. Our independence is assured by BMT’s status as an Employee Benefit Trust, in which all employees participate. This status allows us to act without any commercial or governmental interest and it creates the conditions to attract and retain the best people. Customers benefit from our independent advice which is invaluable when pursuing and defending casualty, warranty and liability claims.


Our staff members have a wide and varied range of expertise. Their commitment and attention to detail, whether attending a damage/casualty to ship, cargo or technical matter in the non-marine field makes them an extremely valuable resource to our customers. For a detailed overview of our staff, please click here.