Our Heritage

BMT Surveys has a long and rich history that dates back almost 100 years.


Piet de Beer founds the technical survey office P. de Beer bv.


P. de Beer & Co sold to a new owner


P. de Beer welcomes Hamburg Sud as its first client on cargo matters


Carlos Maenhout founds Techmar International N.V., Antwerp


P. de Beer acquires Kelmar b.v.


Techmar acquires De Clercq Experts


BMT acquires P. De Beer and name changes to BMT De Beer


BMT De Beer opens office in Antwerp


BMT acquires Techmar and name changes to BMT Techmar


BMT De Beer opens Amsterdam office


BMT Techmar opens Le Havre office


BMT De Beer opens Indonesia office (Jakarta)


BMT De Beer opens Harlingen and Delfzijl office (North Netherlands)


BMT De Beer launches Cargohandbook.com


BMT De Beer and BMT Techmar merge and continue trading under BMT Surveys


BMT Surveys opens London and Geneva office


BMT acquires survey company Verweij & Hoebee which continues to trade under its own name