Juan Christoffels

Managing Director of Verweij Hoebee Group

Juan Christoffels is the director of the Verweij Hoebee Group (part of BMT).

Juan studied Marine Engineering (B-certificate). He sailed as a ship engineer for eight years on  off-shore, heavy cargo and dredging vessels. Has many years of experience onboard of special vessels. Is a registered surveyor for Shipping and Industry.

Juan became surveyor with Verweij Hoebee Group in 1998 and joined the management team of the group during the course of 2007 and was appointed as vice director in 2016.

Juan has now more than 15 years experience in the shipping and Industry branch.

Since 2017 Juan is a member of the board of the Shipping and technology branch at Nivre. He is a registered SPO-expert and is a member of the NIVRE. He is certified to work in the offshore energy/wind sector.