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BMT Surveys Global Surveyor Network

Our Global Surveyor Network

We work together with many surveyors in offices around the world. These surveyors have been carefully selected on the basis of their quality standards, their service provided to us in the past or those who have worked with us during our overseas surveys.

All these non-exclusive surveyors around the globe are subject to a strict monitoring and evaluation process in accordance with our ISO 9001 standards.

Customers of BMT Surveys will benefit from passing their global instructions through our Rotterdam and London office, both in terms of maximising the result of the survey and obtaining the best price possible.

Availability and competencies of the global survey offices can be obtained by phoning or emailing our Rotterdam office on a 24/7 basis on +31 (0)10 479 0311 or emailing 

For full contact details, please visit our contact page