BMT Surveys (Australia) informs: the Tasmanian market


Following the closure of Marine and Safety Tasmania, AMSA’s delegate in Tasmania, BMT Surveys have had a strong response from industry, with a steady stream of enquiries for work in the local DCV market. Trevor Dove, of the Melbourne office of BMT Surveys says “We have been pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of vessels and enquiries, everything from ferry plan approvals to incident investigations”.

The addition of Andrew Fearman to the team has proven to be successful, with the local Marine Surveyor bringing his industry knowledge and proving that his reputation amongst owners and operators is strong. To assist in this market and ensure that we are competitive, we have now also added a non-exclusive surveyor to our network, with Nick Flemming, assisting in the Hobart region.

The recent securing of a contract with Hydro Tasmania for the management of fleet compliance for their workboats across Tasmania has strengthened our presence and assured BMT of ongoing work.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) are in the process of implementing a National System for delivery of commercial vessel survey services, with transition to full delivery by July 2019. Under the National System, the survey of commercial vessels will be transitioned from state government authorities to privately accredited surveyors, which occurred in Tasmania on the 1st February 2017.

BMT Surveys are now able to conduct AMSA domestic commercial vessel surveys of the DCV fleet in Tasmania. These surveys will verify compliance of the vessels with the NSCV and deliver survey reports to AMSA in accordance with the operator’s obligations under the National Law.

As this transition occurs, we look forward to securing enduring contracts for commercial fleets.

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