Verweij Hoebee Groep: Working safely at great height


Last month our colleagues Juan Christoffels and Peter van der Kroft hung upside down from a specially designed, but very realistic training environment, during their annual refresher exercise. And in retaining the required certification, Verweij Hoebee Groep complies with all legal requirements for offshore wind farms for the coming year. They are part of a select group of surveyors that are able and allowed to perform surveys and damage assessments on windmills at sea.

These annual training sessions are a serious necessity. In the nineties, wind turbines were fifty metres on average, but nowadays the average height of a wind mill is no less than 100 metres and it is expected that in the future these mills will reach even higher. In addition, most mills are at open sea where weather conditions add yet another extra dimension to the performance of this job.

The Netherlands is still only on the eve of an enormous expansion of offshore wind parks/farms in the coming decades. With this growth of wind farms/parks in Europe, the number of damage claims have also risen rapidly in this business. In de media, English/British sustainable energy insurers reported that in 2016, claims rose up to hundreds of millions of euros and that they are expected to increase substantially, both in severity as well as frequency. In any case, as a surveying company, we are once again willing and able to do our job on behalf of insurers, brokers, lawyers and companies, and to do it safely.

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