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BMT Surveys announces the strengthening of their yacht survey services by the newly created BMT Surveys (Yachts) and offers a complete package for all their clientele in the international yacht and insurance market. Within this new offering, BMT Surveys (Yachts) collaborates closely with sister company BMT Nigel Gee, who is leader in the superyacht naval architecture and engineering sector.

BMT Surveys (Yachts) provides technical expert assistance in claims, insurance and dispute related matters, including damage investigation and assessment, expert witness, emergency response, engine and system failures and consultancy services.

This range of tailor-made services is supported by BMT’s own pool of experienced yacht focused marine surveyors, naval architects and yacht design consultants which ensures that the offering is unique within the marketplace. Apart from yacht owners, managers, insurance underwriters and their lawyers, BMT acts for customers from all sectors of the yachting community including builders, suppliers and other third party interests.                

Peer van Oosterhout, principal yacht surveyor at BMT Surveys and James Roy, Yacht director at BMT Nigel Gee comment:

“With the arrival of ever larger and more complex yachts, there has become an increasing need for an independent organisation capable of dealing with the needs of the market, specifically to assist with all technical aspects relating to an insurance claim, a dispute or an enquiry to provide loss prevention advice.                       

BMT is positioned quite uniquely in that it has all the required capabilities in-house. The only thing we had to do was to combine our complimentary skills and offer the service under one brand. We are very excited about this next step in our development and are keen to see this business growing further in the coming years.”

For further information see: or contact Ms. Joyce van de Geijn at our yacht support desk or: + 31 (0) 10 479 0311.

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