nav audits

Navigational Audits

Through navigational audits BMT Surveys assesses the navigational procedures on board in order to identify risks and areas that need attention for improvement.

Review of recent P&I club statistics show that a high proportion of the navigational class of claims can still be attributed to ineffective procedures, ignorance of bridge watchkeeping best practice, poor bridge team management and ineffective communication.

The recurring issues that lead to claims such as poor lookout, lack of situational awareness and complacency cannot easily be identified during a port visit or paper audit and, to that end, pro-active risk managers have recognised that effective navigational practice and procedure can only be accurately assessed whilst on a relevant sea passage incorporating port departure, passage and arrival events.

This view seems to be gaining more momentum in the sector and BMT Surveys is now providing navigational audits to P&I clubs and shipping companies alike.  We have a number of surveyors that have the relevant experience and training to conduct thorough audits and report accordingly.

Reporting is comprehensive and includes a full assessment of navigational performance, with positives and negatives highlighted and clear recommendations made in line with best practice. We can supply our own format adjusted to the circumstances of the audit, or follow a specified/provided format.