Tanker and Terminal Safety

Tanker and Terminal Safety

BMT offers services such as supervision of operations, review and preparation of terminal handbooks, condition surveys for tankers, compliance.

BMT Surveys has a dedicated team of tanker specialists with extensive practical experience in tanker operations from many years at different command levels on board seagoing vessels and in senior management positions at storage terminals. Members of the team have worked for companies ranked amongst the highest in the industry for their safety culture.

Major industry players regularly call upon the services of BMT Surveys to provide assistance in promoting safety during risk sensitive operations on board tankers, either at sea or during operations in port.

BMT Surveys has issued various publications and articles concerning this matter, for instance on the use of inert atmospheres during transfer of low flashpoint cargoes.

BMT Surveys provides the following services in respect of tanker and terminal safety:

  • Supervision of operations involving (petro) chemical products (ship to shore and ship to ship)
  • Review and preparation of terminal handbooks
  • Compliance with ISGOTT / IBC procedures
  • Advice on transfer of potential risk cargoes (e.g. low flash point, solidifying cargo, products subject to polymerisation, etc.)
  • Advice on mooring arrangements
  • Condition surveys on tanker vessels, including condition of safety equipment (see also Vessel Condition Surveys)
  • On-board audits to check compliance with company procedures

BMT Surveys also provides 3 day tanker and terminal course and is a member of INTERTANKO.