Calculations and Simulations

Calculations and Simulations

Our scientific approach allows us to conduct a variety of calculations and simulations into incidents and marine casualties.

BMT Surveys offers a vast array of calculation, simulation and / or visualisation services using software of which BMT is either a fully licensed user or which has been specially developed within BMT.

For many years we have worked with companies which offer specialised support for assistance during the investigation, salvage or to simulate / visualise an incident using state-of the art software.

This software includes:

  • BMT's REMBRANDT (REal time Manoeuvring, BeRthing AND Training) PC Rembrandt, Collision, manoeuvring and mooring simulation
  • BMT WaveWatch III Global and regional wave hindcast and prediction modelling
  • BMT ShipMo PC (seakeeping)
  • BMT SARIS (Search and Rescue Information System)
  • BMT OSIS (Oil Spill Information system) 
  • BMT SmartSERVICES (fuel consumption and vessel performance)
  • Lashcon (DNV), for lashing and securing of project cargoes
  • Lashright 2010 (Lloyds Register), for calculating forces in a lashed and unlashed container stow
  • GHS / Naval architecture
  • GHS / Salvage Intact and damage stability
  • 3D visualisation (static and dynamic)