Cargo Consultancy

Each type of cargo has to be handled in a specific way. We are world-leaders in advice and guidance for cargo handling of all types.

  • stacked containers


    The use of containers has given an enormous incentive to scale up in shipping and increase in cargo volumes.

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  • Food and Perishables

    Refrigerated cargo (reefer) containers have become the preferred method of transportation for perishable goods, with each type of good/cargo having a unique set of requirements for transportation.

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  • Dry bulk goods investigation

    Dry Bulk

    Bulk carriers, or bulkers, are ships designed primarily for the transportation of solid bulk cargoes. These cargoes are generally uniform in composition and are loaded directly into the cargo space without any intermediate form of containment.

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  • heavy lift cargo being transported

    Heavy Lift and Project Cargo

    Heavy lift shipping is a very particular trade, often involving the sea transportation of extremely heavy and voluminous loads, requiring special care and preparation.

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  • Oil, Gas and Chemicals

    Modern chemical tankers are more or less floating terminals, with up to 50 segregated cargo tanks all with dedicated lines and pumps capable of carrying a large number of different products.

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