Food and Perishables

Food and Perishables

Many types of fruit, vegetables and other food are transported by sea. BMT Surveys employs several specialist commodity experts to investigate any sort of claim or product loss.

Cargoes that need to be transported under controlled temperatures are carried by specialised refrigerated vessels or refrigerated cargo containers. Three types of cargo that dominate the reefer industry are bananas, deciduous fruits, and citrus fruits. Other commodities are meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, dairy products and exotic produce. When looking at the condition after overseas carriage, it is important to determine the nature of damage involved. For detailed advice on carriage of cargoes, please visit

The refrigerated cargo container

Advanced techniques control the temperature and atmosphere in the container accurately and consistently, all with the aim of optimising the keeping qualities of the cargo. The basic requirement in carriage of temperature-controlled cargoes is to deliver the goods, as far as possible, in the same condition as that in which they were dispatched. As temperature-sensitive goods deteriorate at a rate that is temperature dependent, temperature maintenance is paramount. The actual temperature required will depend on many factors and may require expert advice.

Our services in this area include:

  • Investigations into the nature, extent and cause of damage
  • Performance review of reefer container
  • Testing of reefer equipment and analysis
  • Advice on transport and storage requirements
  • Loss prevention advice
  • Research programmes to turn around damage trends
  • Advice during new trade / new product pilots
  • Reefer vessel inspections
  • 360 Quality audits