Fire Investigations

If a fire on board a ship does break out, it often turns out to be a complicated matter as it is difficult and complex to investigate the cause of a fire. BMT Surveys simplifies this problem and present coherent results to our customers.

BMT Surveys combines the expertise of its top class fire investigators with its expert knowledge in marine and electrical engineering, tanker operations and hazardous cargoes to offer a complete investigation service in the case of a fire or explosion on board ships.

Fire and explosion incidents on board vessels are usually quite complex matters, especially if most of the evidence has been destroyed by the fire itself. In order to arrive at a proper conclusion as regards causation, the fire investigator should either have marine (seagoing) experience or, ideally, should be accompanied by a marine or cargo specialist.

Tracking the source and location of the fire alone may not always be sufficient as further in-depth questions related to the marine operation will remain unanswered.

Our services in the area include:

  • On board attendance to allocate the (original) location of the fire and the source
  • Root cause investigations
  • Review of fire fighting procedures
  • Risk assessment
  • Collecting and safeguarding evidence
  • Sampling and advice on laboratory testing
  • Loss prevention advice