Fuel and Consumption

Fuel and Consumption

BMT Surveys has specialist knowledge in the field of claims and disputes related to the quality of marine fuels and can provide a wide array of services to the industry from testing to acting as expert witness or arbitrator.

With increasing bunker prices, the amount of fuel consumption by a vessel and compliance with charter parties has become subject to many claims.

Disputes on bunker quality generally occur between either the shipowner and charterers or between charterers and the suppliers of the fuel oil.

In most cases it is the shipowner who first discovers the consequences of poor fuel quality. At an early stage, problems may be encountered in the storage and fuel treatment on board.

In the most unfortunate event, damage to the main or auxiliary engines may occur with significant financial consequences.

Our services in this area include:

  • Expert witness and international arbitrator
  • Damage surveys to engine and equipment
  • Sampling and testing (through external laboratories)
  • Advice on suitability, based on test result
  • Review of the fuel treatment on board
  • Purchase document review
  • Advice on compliance with specifications
  • Quantity assessment
  • Advice on removal / disposal of off-spec bunkers
  • Speed and consumption claims

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