Hull & Machinery

Hull & Machinery

Hull & Machinery insurance covers damage to the vessels hull, fittings, its machinery and installed equipment. The insurance is mostly placed through brokers who arrange cover through a range of insurance companies.

Insurance, in general, covers damage as a result of an unforeseen and unexpected event. Where P&I insurance is intended to insure a shipowner’s liability to others, Hull & Machinery insurance is mainly to cover the ship as the Owners' primary asset. Hull & Machinery and P&I become complimentary in the event of collision liability and damage to fixed and floating objects.

BMT Surveys have been active in the H&M industry since its early days of existence back in the 1920's. The company has a significant track record for surveys in all kinds of damage, either hull or machinery related, on board deep sea vessels, floating installations, inland navigation vessels etc.

In order to meet our client’s expectations, the company employs a large team of naval architects and marine engineers all with extensive experience in ship repair, cost calculation, classification and technical superintendence.

Surveys can be arranged at short notice using BMT’s Global Surveyor Network, emailing or contacting one of our offices.

Our services in this area include:

  • Establishing the nature, cause and extent of damage
  • Assist the insurance company or shipowner in co-ordinating repairs
  • Field (on board) surveys to inspect damaged areas/items
  • Study of ship’s drawings to assess the original structure for a possible repair estimate
  • Review and collection of relevant documents from the vessel
  • Discuss possible repair possibilities in co-ordination with owner’s representative/ classification society
  • Review of repair costs, invoices and disbursements
  • Issue and co-ordination of repair tenders
  • Supervision and monitoring of repairs until completion
  • Prepare of final report on cause, extent of damage and apportionment (owner’s costs or casualty related)
  • Providing opinion of possible third party responsibility to the cause of the incident