Marine Casualty Investigations

Marine casualties can occur for a number of reasons. We have expert surveyors and forensic investigators that can identify the root cause of a casualty and also make recommendations to avoid future casualties.

  • marine incidents at sea

    Marine Incidents

    Our surveyors have been involved in many investigations into serious and high-profile casualties and are able to respond quickly and efficiently to any type of marine incident, worldwide, 24 hours a day.

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  • flooded cargo containers

    Damage to Cargo

    In many cases customers have called upon the assistance of BMT Surveys to take advantage of its rich experience and knowledge, on almost every type of cargo, which has been gained from attending more than 2000 cargo-related surveys each year.

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  • Collision Investigations

    BMT Surveys employs marine specialists with significant experience in collision investigation, for either on-site investigation or by post-incident review of collected data and information.

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  • Personal injury investigation

    Investigation into Personal Injury

    One of the most traumatic incidents on board ships are those involving personal injury or death of a crew member or anyone else visiting the vessel. BMT Surveys are able to undertake impartial investigations in order to reduce this trauma.

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  • Pollution and Damage to the Environment

    When considering “pollution” in the marine environment, one usually thinks of oil-spill incidents from oil tankers or leakage of marine fuels as a result of a marine incident of from a failure during the bunkering operations.

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  • Salvage Consultancy

    BMT Surveys employs marine salvage specialists with a significant track record in managing and controlling marine emergencies.

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