Marine Incidents

Marine Incidents

Our surveyors have been involved in many investigations into serious and high-profile casualties and are able to respond quickly and efficiently to any type of marine incident, worldwide, 24 hours a day.

Over the past 100 years numerous marine incidents have been attended by BMT Surveys to determine cause and extent, to collect evidence and to provide expert advice to ship owners, operators and underwriters. Sometimes a vessel may have had an external casualty such as grounding, flooding or even capsize, a collision, a major shift of cargo or collapse of a container stow. At other times the cargo itself was the cause of the casualty. For instance, problems with spontaneous combustion of cargo, liquefaction of mineral ores or incidents related to incorrect declaration of cargo weights in containers.

In addition to these incidents there has been a steady stream of casualties where fires have started in container loads of hazardous cargoes, some producing major damage to ship and cargo or, even worse, causing injury or death to the crew.

Attending such matters requires special skills, experience and back up support by office staff. The surveyor in question must not only be a specialist in his field, he must also be a detective, negotiator, communicator, organiser and diplomat.

In addition, the availability of advanced software tools to calculate, visualise or simulate incidents to support the investigation is almost unlimited within the BMT group.

Our services in this area include:

  • On-site attendance
  • Emergency response
  • Salvage consultancy
  • Collecting and safeguarding evidence
  • Investigations into cause(s)
  • Loss assessment
  • Assistance to crew
  • Detailed analyses of data and records
  • Advanced calculations
  • Litigation support
  • Simulation and reconstruction