Stricken vessel leaking fuel

Pollution and Damage to the Environment

When considering “pollution” in the marine environment, one usually thinks of oil-spill incidents from oil tankers, leakage of marine fuels as a result of a marine incident or from a failure during bunkering operations.

Besides oil-spill incidents and failure of bunkering operations, damage to the environment can also be caused by loss of deck cargo overboard, emission of toxic gases from tankers, spread of soot from exhaust gases, etc.

With environmental regulations becoming stricter every day, the pressure on ship operators is obvious to avoid these incidents from occurring and to be prepared in case of a failure.

Our services in this area include:                                               

  • Investigations into cause and extent
  • Gathering evidence
  • Providing advice for clean-up or removal
  • Providing assistance during tendering
  • Analyses
  • Cost review

Services in conjunction with BMT Cordah:

  • Environmental impact analyses
  • Decommissioning programs and scoping
  • Permits and consents licences
  • OPEPs
  • Underwater noise assessments and modelling
  • Environmental baseline surveys
  • Consultation support with the regulators
  • Waste management services
  • Risk and data management
  • Chemical permitting
  • Social impact assessments
  • NEMS Accounter
  • Licence Round Application