Over the last 25 years BMT has built a significant track record in supporting clients in the yacht and insurance industry

We provide a wide variety of specialist services in the field of incident investigation, casualty handling, litigation support and dispute resolution. We operate from a strong base in the Netherlands, UK and Australia and have a network of associates  around the globe. Our surveyors and consultants are experienced yacht surveyors, marine engineers, naval architects, yacht design specialists, fire investigators and salvage masters from BMT’s own pool of specialist experts. 


Below is a selection of cases handled by our yacht survey team:



BMT involvement


Ellen MacArthur Trimaran On/off load survey Europe/China
Catamaran, composite built Expert witness on construction quality Baltic area
Motor yacht Expert witness on possible registration fraud The Netherlands
Motor yacht Investigation, gear box failure PS Engine Florida
Sailing yacht Investigation into guarantee issues between shipyard and yacht France
Motor yacht Expert opinion guarantee dispute between shipyard and yacht owner The Netherlands
Inland passenger vessel Fire investigation, cause of fire and extent of damage The Netherlands
Motor yacht; steel Investigation into coating breakdown Italy
Sailing yacht, high performance racer Expert witness, adjustable keel failure The Netherlands
Catamaran,composite built Condition survey and valuation Curaçao
Motor yacht Investigation into collision with a ferry Italy
Inland passenger vessel Salvage and emergency response after sinking The Netherlands
Sailing yacht, aluminium cruiser Investigation, mast failure Curaçao
Motor yacht; steel Fire investigation, on board explosion Florida
Inland passenger vessels Condition survey and valuation The Netherlands
Sailing yacht Assesment of damage to sails and equipment France
Sailing yacht Arbitrator. Dispute on delivery of generator sets Curaçao
Steel motor yacht under refit Fire investigation: cause and extent of repair costs The Netherlands
Sailing yacht Investigation into the cause of sinking and extent of damage Fiji Islands
Sailing yacht; racer Problems with rudder and construction; investigation into the cause    France
Tender boat to a luxury motor yacht Loss during towage, investigation into cause Ibiza
Sailing yacht and a two mast tall ship Investigation into cause of collision and extent of damage United Kingdom
Tallship Assistance in towage; investigation into cause of engine failure  Baltic area
Sailing yacht; aluminium Investigation into cause of capsizing and crew injury Belgium
Sailing yacht; high performance racer Hull damage during a race; investigated cause and extent  Italy
Sailing yacht (several) Salvage and emergency response after grounding Caribbean & Central America
Sailing yacht (several ) Damage assessment. Lightning damage Central America
Motor yacht Investigation. Delamination of hull structure France
Motor yacht Damage assessment. Propulsion failure Florida
Antique motor yacht (Dutch Royal Family) Consultancy in connection with refit The Netherlands
Motor yacht Expert witness. Mooring chain entangled into water jet propulsion line Ibiza
Motor yacht  Fire investigation, fire in exhaust piping Italy
Motor yacht Mooring failure and quay damage; cause and extent investigation  Croatia
Motor yacht Expert witness, dispute on extension works France
Motor yacht Expert witness. Stabiliser failure France
Motor yacht (several) Investigation. Engine failure after fuel contamination Global
Motor & sailing yachts (several) Investigation into theft Global
Sailing yacht Investigation into cause and extent of damage Singapore / Indonesia
Sailing Yacht Assistance to refloat after grounding on reef and to arrange repairs Fiji / New Zealand
Sailing yacht Investigation into cause of collapse; assisted to find repair yard Ecuador & San Francisco
Sailing yacht Fallen from crane during lifting. Investigation into cause and extent The Netherlands