Our key yacht surveyors and consultants


002D-klein -BMT-17 PvO

      Peer van Oosterhout - Principal Yacht Surveyor

Peer specialises in investigating a wide range of technical matters on board pleasure yachts, with a particular focus on damage to hull and equipment, system failures, fuel management and emergency response. He also advises on technical matters arising from discussions between yards and shipowners on repair and refit. 

His career in marine surveying spans over 25+ years, during which time he has investigated dozens of complex claims on every type and size of pleasure yacht. Apart from his work in the field, Peer is often called upon to act as an expert witness in litigation in various countries and is an arbitrator with the Dutch maritime arbitration association (TAMARA). 



007D-klein -BMT-17 JvdH

       James van der Heiden - Yacht Surveyor

James is a former master in command, with 8 years of seagoing experience on board commercial deep-sea vessels. He has been dual educated and holds certificates as a marine engineer and nautical officer.

In his 10+ year career as a marine surveyor, he has investigated a wide variety of marine casualties. His work on (mega) yachts includes emergency response following a grounding incident, fuel oil contamination, engine failures, hull repairs and condition surveys for sale / purchase. 


012D-klein -BMT-17 MdV

      Martijn de Vos - Yacht Surveyor

Martijn de Vos has a BSc from the Maritime Academy de Ruyter, Flushing, his specialisation being marine transport and logistics. He has been active in the international surveying industry since 2006 and worked at a large surveying firm before joining BMT in 2013.

Martijn joined BMT’s Yacht Surveys team in 2016 and is currently completing his accreditation as a yacht surveyor. Martijn is a sailing boat owner himself and has a particular affinity with leisure and luxury craft.




       Joyce van de Geijn - Back-office

Joyce handles the back-office for the Yacht Department. Before joining BMT she was a claims manager at a shipping company where she handled various H&M and P&I claims on a wide range of different vessel types. She maintains close contact with all parties concerned and her background in the shipping industry makes Joyce a valuable addition to the Yacht Survey team, taking care of the administrative side of insurance claims handling. 

         Email: / Phone: +31-10-4790311



003A-klein-BMT-17 - YM zwart wit 180x150 grijze achtergrond

     Yrjo Migchelsen - Fire Investigator 

Yrjo holds a Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering and Nautical Studies and has 12 years sailing experience on board commercial vessels, of which 6 years were in the rank of first engineer. Yrjo is specialised in on-board fires and is an accredited Fire Investigator Technician (FIT) through the American Institute of Arson Investigators. He has investigated a wide variety of marine fires, including several fires on modern and traditional pleasure crafts. His broad background in marine engineering systems together with his experience and accreditation through the prestigious IAAI, makes Yrjo an excellent addition to the Yacht Survey team and specifically in case investigations concerning electrical failures and on-board fires. 


Andy Douglas 180x150


     Andy Douglas – Senior Structural Engineer

Prior to joining BMT, Andy has had over 15 years of experience in shipyard design office doing general naval architecture and then specialising in structural design. This has given him a good understanding of the overall design and build process from concept to build and on through to post-design support and re-fit. Designing and building fast lightweight naval, commercial and large yacht structures by direct calculation as well as to classification rules has given him a broad experience of practical design backed up by sound theory. 


MM 180x150

     Matteo Magherini – Naval Architect

     Business Development Coordinator 

Born in Rome, Matteo trained as Mechanical Engineer in Italy. In pursuit of his love for the Sea, he majored in Naval Architecture with an MSc by the University of Southampton. Matteo’s key aspiration is to deliver innovation: in such regards, he understands the importance of blending technical knowledge and good communicational skills.  



Simon Brealey 180x150

     Simon Brealey – Senior Mechanical Engineer

Simon was first attracted to marine engineering due to the chance to work on fast paced “hands on” design challenges that require good rounded mechanical skills. He enjoys the process of collecting data, analysing, plans, evaluating options and recommending effective simple solutions. Once providing the solutions Simon is proud of seeing vessels he has contributed too afloat and operational. 



Andrew zwart wit

      Andrew Fearman

Andrew Fearman is a marine engineer from the University of Tasmania and a naval architect from the Australian Maritime College, having spent 7 years at sea on a variety of different vessels including passenger vessels, tug boats and offshore supply vessels. During his subsequent career ashore, Andrew became Principal Designer and Project Manager at a prestigious Tasmania-based luxury craft builder, a position which he held since 2009 before joining BMT as an AMSA accredited marine surveyor. Andrew is the BMT’s “anchor man” for all sorts of luxury craft issues in the Australia / Pacific region and can be contacted through BMT Surveys' office in Melbourne.